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In my work as a photographer I engage my own unique way of seeing to capture special moments. Beauty is everywhere and in every instant there is a story to be told. I love catching life's beautiful moments, and rendering them eternal.

My photographs are candid and clean, and maintain their natural appearance as I edit them; I play with color and techniques to accentuate the beauty present in them.

I am currently living in Spain, in the port of Vigo, Galicia, surrounded by gorgeous settings for photo sessions. I am available for photo sessions along the Front Range, but we can also discuss the options for travel farther afield as well.

Every photo I take has personal significance for me; I love to craft unique, creative and memorable photographs for my clients.

As a last, but important personal note: I was lucky to deepen my photography skills with a beautiful soul who has since passed away. Every time I use my camera I send my thanks to this 'angel of inspiration'.

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